The Altmann Family

I’ve watched a few friends go through the hills and valleys of international adoptions. This journey to parenthood is so exciting, but it is also incredibly HARD. The anticipation, the wait, the heartache, and the unknown. When you love someone intensely, a piece of your heart belongs to them, and when you are waiting for a child across the world…that can be excruciating. The Altmann family has been through it all, and finally have their little guy in their hands. The joy, the peace, and the love. Oh the LOVE!

Love knows no boundaries and comes with ease. He knows who his parents are and there is without a single doubt he knows where to go for comfort, security, and boundless affection. I got to meet this lucky little guy and his lucky parents, I photographed the love that they now know. Thank you, Altmanns for this joy and privilege. And thank you for fulfilling the true meaning of parenthood.

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