How To Repurpose Old Photos To Match Your Brand

repurposing old photos to match your brand

Like the rest of the online world,

I know, right? Just because I’m a professional photographer, does not mean I’m immune to this problem. But the good news is, I’ve created some simple solutions based on my professional experience so you can use what you might already have. Let’s dig into your photo archives and see if we can use some of those images? 

Here’s what you’ll find in this post:

        1. Why archived images are important
        2. A case study
        3. How to read and respect a brand guide
        4. Dissecting the brand photo vibe
        5. Step-by-step instruction on how to post-process your old photos using your smartphone and VSCO (a free phone app)

BUT WHY? Why would I want to use old stuff?

        • It’s not old, it is a part of your journey and story. If we bring light to it, you will share a deeper part of your story and brand.
        • The work is already half done. Why not use it?

Case Study

Catherine Hart is the woman behind Margaux & May, an online baby blanket company. She recently began a new business that helps parents with sleep training their babies called Baby Sleep Team. For this, she now needs to be the face of the brand, taking her clients along her own journey of parenting.

Respecting the Brand Guide

She worked with a designer to develop her new business brand and then dug up some images from years ago of her family. They are candid moments she took casually with her phone. How does she turn these images into something good enough to represent her current brand.

brand board for sleep training brand

Dissecting the Brand Photo Vibe

Let’s look at her brand guide so we can achieve the feel she’s looking for. Her brand is soft and muted, from fonts to colors, everything gives you a sense of peace and calm. She has created an inspiration board that shows how she wants her photos to look like. I’ve also had a look at her current website to see how photos are being used. 

website for baby sleep training program

This is what her brand board and the current website tell me about what she wants in her photos. Every photo I select and process will meet these criteria:

        • Photos all have a warm brownish tone.
        • The colors are soft, muted, and slightly desaturated.
        • Her pictures all need to tell the story of a family.
        • It needs to show that a baby has well cared for and safe.

You just need your phone and VSCO

VSCO is a free photo editing app

1. Exposure

The original image is dark. So the first thing I will do is lighten it up. This one single step does wonders for the image.

before after photo editing instructions

2. Crop

Cropping removes distractions that do not add to the purpose of the image. All the stuff behind the bed can go. But we are leaving behind the “Hospital” on the pillow as it is such a sweet reminder of where took place.

before after photo editing instructions

3. Apply preset

This is when we will refer back to the brand board and reference photos to make sure we are choosing one the will blend with her existing look.

before after photo editing instructions

4. Adjust Contrast

We’re almost there! Most of Catherine’s photos are soft and warm. I will bring down the contrast to soften up the look of the overall photo.

before after photo editing instructions

So many tools to be explored. But all we needed were Exposure, Crop, and Contrast. Lay on a preset and we’re good to go!


How we have a fresh set of images for your social media posts!

repurposing old photos to match your brand