Video: Professional Food & Product Photos With Just your Phone

Wait! You can make a DIY professional-looking food and product photo set up with less than $20?!

Yes, you heard, right! Professional-looking photos do not need to be complicated nor expensive. Because all you need is your smartphone, a set up that you can get at Target for less than $20. Also, you can use whatever you have lying around. I walk you through the step-by-step in this video! 

professional food photos with just your phone

You will learn

      • Where to find your light
      • How to find the best spot for photos
      • Collect your gear (It is mostly things you already own)
      • Photograph tips and checklist
      • Editing apps and tips

Why having this set up is important

There is a time and a place for professional photography. A professional photographer like myself can guarantee a polished finish that you may not achieve on your own. However, there are times when you need to photograph your creations on a frequency that is impractical to bring in a pro every time.

Here’s a little something I made for your next shoot. Print it and have it ready!