Video: How to Make the Most of a Single Stock Photo (A Canva Tutorial)

Watch the above video, it will save you so much time, and you’ll love the ideas! 

I will be showing you how to:

    1. Creatively crop to use it in an endless number of ways.
    2. Add text.
    3. Add design elements and turn it into a beautiful graphic.

But first, did you download your holiday stock photos?!

Because you’re going to want it. I want to show you some very clever ways you can make the most of these photos for various uses. I will show you how to use Canva to make some amazing promotional graphics you can use for your creative content and holiday promotions. 

      • Instagram stories
      • Blog posts
      • Web sliders
      • Facebook ads
      • Instagram posts

Why should I use Canva, you ask?

Can I be completely honest with you? After several decades of using Adobe as my design staple, I’ve turned my nose up at Canva for years. Yes, Adobe is still the gold standard of design tools, but Canva has made things quick, easy, and accessible for everyone. So even as a seasoned designer, I find it extremely useful. Here are my personal favorite things to use it for:

      • Resizing quickly into numerous formats at the touch of a button.
      • Having quick and fast access to all design assets.
      • Have my brand colors and fonts quickly available.

Pro-tip: Before you go into your designs, outline what you want your audience to do first.

how you can stretch the use of a stock photo

holiday stock photos

If you have not done so yet make sure you go and download these photos! They’re gorgeous and you will probably do so much with them. 

If you want to give Canva a try, go HERE.