When You Look Forward All Morning to Gunther’s Ice Cream

dad playing with kids
little girl playing on couch
little girl holding a princess dress
little girl playing with leaves
little girl sitting on stairs
dad with his son
mama dressing her little girl
little boy reading books
dad and his son
one happy family
little boy laying down
little girl holding leaves
little boy yawning
dad buying ice cream for daughter and son
little girl smiling
little girl patiently waiting
big brother enjoying his ice cream
dad enjoying ice cream with son
dad, big brother, and little sister enjoying ice cream
dad enjoying ice cream with son (closer shot)
whole family is enjoying their ice cream
mom and dad kissed while kids enjoying their ice cream
Little girl enjoying her ice cream
boy whispering to his little brother
kids looking outside glass door
little boy running around bunch of leaves
little girl in orange
little girl and mom playing leaves
Whole family playing leaves
family outside ice cream shop