Expecting Baby Girl & Quality Time with Her Boys – Maternity Session in Elk Grove, CA

little boy in yellow
two boys playing with mom
mom and two boys (landscape shot)
two boys smiling
mom and two boys laughing
mom holding flower with two boys
family portrait
big brother looking at toys
little boy in yellow sitting
little boy in yellow barefoot
mom and dad smiling at each other
family portrait (landscape shot)
family portrait
mom holding flower (front view)
mom holding flower (eye peaking)
mom enjoying the smell of flower
two little boys playing
two sons playing around mom
two little boys running around mom
mom solo shot
little boy in yellow solo shot
little boy in yellow solo shot (standing)
father and son
fierce mom holding flower
mom holding flower (solo portrait)
mom looking at her baby bump solo portrait (closer shot)
mom solo portrait (closer shot)