Baby Niko

This blog is embarrassingly overdue, but it’s better late than never. And as we wrapped up the celebrations of mother’s day, I’m reminded of why I love this shoot so much. I watch the fleeting moments of my own life pass by and watch my children grow. Most of the time we are rushing from place to place getting things done. We find small moments to stop, slow down and enjoy the seconds we have zooming into what really makes us feel alive. With a blink of an eye, one moment slips into the other and we look for ways to hold on and cherish what is most essential.

Niko is now expecting a new little sibling soon. And I’ve had the pleasure of not only watching him grow, but watching this family grow since the days of his father’s own childhood. I love the way they go against the grain, the way they live, and who they are. Thanks for letting me join you in this moment…

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